The Everyday Life of Ben, Brooke, Macy, Ava, and Aubrey Wyatt

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summertime Fun

My last post was at the beginning of the summer and now here we are already at the end. It has been a good one. We have been busy with soccer, work, day camp, vacations, swimming, play dates, karate, and hip hop dance class but we have also had some relaxing days and down time. Although I love the laziness and the less "scheduledness" of summer, I am ready to get back in our routine. Here are some highlights from the last few months:

Trip to Arkansas: We spent the first week of our summer in Arkansas. We started in Little Rock with Grammy and Pawpaw and got lots of cousin time in with Presley and Landon.

Aubrey painting Landon's nails. 

We also spent a few days in Monticello with Gigi and Papa. My cousin, Jon, and his wife Candice and their two kids happen to be in town visiting also. Their daughter, Hadley, is just a couple of months older than Aubrey so it was fun to get them together. 

Watching the Women's World Cup. 

 This is at Atwood's. The Farm Supply store in Monticello. They have real baby chicks so it is heaven for my animal loving girls. 

Even Oliver made the trip. 

 We have had some fun playdates this summer:

And lots of movie nights. 

And before it turned 1 million degrees outside, we had fun hanging out on our back patio at night. 

We've played dress up:

Gone rock climbing:

 And celebrated the Fourth of July:

One of the best things we did this summer was go to Great Wolf Lodge. Gigi has been wanting to take the girls for a while so we picked a date and made a plan. Because Aubrey is still too little to ride most of the rides, we decided that Gigi and Papa would stay overnight with the big girls but Aubrey, Ben and I would only go for one day then come home to spend the night.  I went back the next day (it is only about 20 minutes away) so that I could ride rides and spend time with Ava and Macy without the distraction of little sister. It was a lot of fun and  the highlight of the girls' summer (along with a trip to Colorado which is going to get its own post!). Thanks to Gigi and Papa for such a special treat!

Next post: Family Vacay to Colorado! So. much. fun. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

School's Out For Summer!

We made it through another school year. Ava and Macy had a great year in 1st grade and Aubrey had a great time spending her Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mrs. Lulu at her school. Here are some of our end of the year festivities:

Book Character Parade:
They each picked what character they wanted to be. I helped a little with the costumes but they came up with most of it themselves. 
Lilly from Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse 

This is Lilly

The Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Field Trip to The Heard Museum to learn about animals and their habitats. 

Field Day at school:

1st grade girls loving on Aubrey. 

Lunch with a loved one and book fair:

This is their library at school. The decorations were awesome!

Pajama Day during the last week of school:

Macy got a Solid Gold Award for her "outstanding creative writing" and "always working hard to do her best." 

 End of the year school party:

Aubrey and I celebrating National Donut Day and our last day of being a twosome (at least until the end of August).  

We have been having a lot of fun this summer! Hope to get a picture post up soon of our summertime activities!